Focus Workshops for Corporate Organisations

‘Fixing the broken windows in your organisation’

Do you ever wonder why the performance of your business is not as good as you want it to be? Are you frustrated that you are not achieving the goals set out in your strategic plan?

Business Plus offer a one day online ‘Focus Workshop’ for Senior Leaders of large corporations, which has been delivered into many organisations, such as P&G, Sky, Nokia and LG.

This course is a perfect opportunity to plan your strategic goals, manage crisis and build for the future.

Who is this workshop aimed at?

The workshop is ideal for Senior Leadership teams of larger organisations (above 50 staff) who a grappling with the implementation of their strategic plans and priorities. The workshop can be run on or off site and will allow delegates to focus on fixing the key issues that are blocking success.

What are the main themes of the workshop?

Broken Windows – what and why

This first part of the workshop will allow delegates to understand which issues need to be fixed ‘the broken windows’ before they can move forward. A highly interactive session, delegates will utilise tools to critically asses the organisation key touch points to identify obstacles.

Steps – what and how

This element will review the key steps that are needed in order to take the organisation forward. The session will draw upon the experience and skills of the delegates, whilst utilising the tools developed by Business Plus that have had proven results in outlining key action plans.

People & Skills – who and when

Skills and resource are critical for success. During this session the delegates will discuss the key skills requirements that are needed to deliver the key steps identified above. Delegates will review personnel and tactics to be used to motivate and encourage stakeholders to perform and achieve the steps required.

Measure – what

The final part of the session will identify the key measures required to ascertain the success of the key steps. It will also allow delegates to see how to re-visit milestones and key points.

What will I expect to take away from this workshop?

Following attendance at this workshop your senior team will leave with a clear plan to take the business forward. They will leave with a number of tools that have been exclusively developed in order to maximise the impact of the workshop.

How is the workshop delivered?

The workshop is delivered on – site and is led by Professor Simon Bolton, who has developed the tools that are used in the workshop. Professor Bolton is a distinguished inventor who has worked with many businesses including P&G, Sky, Tesco, Sainsburys to name but a few. Professor Bolton specialises in scaling growth businesses to the next level through detailed analysis and problem solving.

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