Dynamic Recovery Programme

This online session has been created by Professor Simon Bolton.

The programme was developed around a framework for businesses to recover from the current COVID-19 crisis.

Who is this programme aimed at?

This highly interactive on-line programme is aimed at Senior Leaders of an organisation. It will allow them to focus on five priority areas, and reflect on how each of these is affected at each stage of the crisis.

Delegates will have an initial fact-finding call with Professor Bolton to establish the business background and current ‘as-is’. The following session will be a three-hour interactive session with the full Senior Team.

What will I learn from the programme?

Professor Bolton identified six key business problems that must be addressed before the business can once again grow and prosper. Eliminating these is critical if the business is to survive. The problems will be addressed in the four stages of the crisis:

  • Pre-lock down
  • Lock Down
  • Pre-start
  • Re-start & recovery

The programme will not solely focus on the current crisis. With the potential threat of further spikes of corona virus and further social distancing measures, the programme will deliver robust strategies to ensure business continuity and resilience in the event of future crises.

Delegates will take away a full action plan to implement within their organisation. to ensure due considerations of the risks, and a strategy to return profitability. In short, the programme will provide a competitive advantage for growth in a challenging environment.

The programme focusses on five key priorities:

  • Customer Priorities
  • Performance Priorities

  • Product Priorities
  • Practices Priorities
  • People Priorities

How will success be measured?

Following attendance on the online programme, organisations can opt to have a follow up session where next steps including operational aspects and implementation plans will be reviewed and amended where necessary.

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In order support as many businesses as possible, this programme has been part-funded and those booking a session before the end of May 2020 will pay only £495 for two sessions (1×1 hour and 1×3 hour).

Further sessions can also be booked subject to availability.


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