Every company has values, whether implicit or explicit.

Another challenge in creating a company vision is defining these values. These can be simple one word phrases, such as “innovation” and “communication”. They can also be slightly longer, for example, “access to education for all” or “adding a personal touch to healthcare”. You may discover that what you want your company’s values to be are not what they are in the current moment. This type of self discovery is important and factors into creating your vision.

When you have defined the values by which you conduct business or hope to conduct business, lay them out side by side with your goals. Understand how these categories interact and what you can create from the sum of their parts. Those are two of the main ingredients that go into your company vision.

It is key at this point to make sure you include your staff if you employ people. Your staff should be totally aware of the values you set together, as these will act as a boundary that culture will grow and behaviours will be set.

Once you have defined the values as a team, make sure you talk about how you will live and breathe these values. What will happen if someone notices that someone else has done something that jeopardises these values? How can your teams reward behaviour that demonstrates those who go above and beyond living the values?

This stage is a great way to further incorporate your teams into the discussion on your company’s vision and mission.